Jane Kelly Williams was signed by Mercury Records, and has placed songs in feature films and with Broadway stars. You can listen to some of her songs below.


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Jane also hosted the Songwriter's Series at the West End Theater (pre-COVID), as well as a variety of other events.


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The Patchwork of Lost and Found 

Patchwork is inhabited with people looking for something beyond the river's bend. From my loving friends who may or may never have a "romantic" partner, to a young high school couple overlooking the Hudson River one early Spring afternoon — everyone here is still curious about a rising mist over well known fields. Students are yearning to learn from a meadow of nameless flowers, gentle and honest sorts are trying to stay with their gardening and two ancient friends make their way to sit down over a cup tea when they are finally old. All are caught up in their own wonderful search that captured my attention and brought me along.

Tapping the Wheel 

(Parachute/ Mercury Records)

Some of these songs enter into the living room, pizza parlor, old car rides and long walks I've had with people who have put salt in my tears and music in my laughter. All of them have questions about life and love that began with the desire to memorize a beautiful moment.

Horizon - Jane Kelly Williams
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Show Me How To Catch a Fish - Jane Kelly Williams
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Tapping the Wheel:

"Tapping the Wheel" was named for that moment when my father used to tap his rings on our old Chevy Impala and make the rhythms that waked my brother, sister, mother and I to move and sing. We never sang to the car radio. Just to each other, as we kept our eyes on the road. This is only touched on in the song, These Things, but it is the essence of how these songs came to be.

Most of these were written inside small apartments or practice rooms in the city, yet the first song and the one most people seem to remember from that record was written on the happiness of returning from the beach. It's called Horizon.

One afternoon, I finally took the bus to the beach and saw again, the place where the sea meets the sky and could feel my eye muscles singing a long overdue greeting to my soul.

I started wondering about eye muscles and souls and distances... and people who cannot, for whatever reason, see a long way.

So I started writing about other kinds of horizons. There are still mountains and rivers in the lyrics, but these are the mountains and rivers of people who might close their eyes to see further than I’ll ever grasp the contours of. 

Whatever the shapes of the distance are, I feel everyone deserves the chance to see past the familiar and into a place so beautiful, they tremble just a bit to know they exist. 

Looking back on these songs, I think a lot of them were written in that moment of my first feeling a horizon within a situation. I've written my share of slow or sad songs here, but somewhere in the writing process, a leaf almost always drops that's happy to be headed someplace new.

Several of these songs were ignited by sentences or brilliant kernels from the private studies of wonderful sermons by K Karpen and Ed Horne. (15 Seconds of Grace: Ed Horne; and Show Me How to Catch a Fish and The Pizza Man: K Karpen.)

I hope if you check out Tapping the Wheel, you'll find my stirrings real in the sense that I felt each idea brushing shoulders with what what I'd been taught as a Christian, a family member, and as one more humanbean wanting to write something that would keep these kisses in a song.

Wonderful You

Recorded by Audra McDonald

Audra McDonald performs one of my songs, Wonderful You, on her marvelous CD entitled, Build a Bridge on Nonesuch Records.


Audra's an incredibly moving singer and actor who has won 4 Tony Awards. She also starred on the TV show, Private Practice. Hey, Audra!!! Congratulations and thank you again for recording and singing my song around the world and back. 

Fifteen Seconds of Grace 

Recorded by Victoria Clark

Tony Award Winner Victoria Clark, my friend and a beautiful singer beyond comprehension, released her new CD entitled, Fifteen Seconds of Grace, with my song as the title track. I'm so deeply grateful and thrilled that Victoria recorded it, as well as another one of my songs, Thomas, on her incredible album.


The songs she and her extremely talented musical director, Ted Sperling, have brought to my attention through this album, such as national treasures like Irving Berlin's, I Got Lost in His Arms, are giving me a season of emotions I never knew existed.


Victoria's voice is stunning... I hope you will be part of her experience as well!