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Fellow songsters,

My very talented friend, Tina Shafer, through her generous process of building the NY Singersongwriter Circle__ bringing together the wits, hearts and creative minds of many new and experienced songwriters__ is launching the 3rd annual NY songwriter's competition. If you're interested in entering a song, you may submit via :


and find out more about what the winner's will receive!

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Hi Friends,

To hear Audra McDonald singing Jane's song, Wonderful You, Live on the Megan Mullally Show, click Play on the video below:

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Here's a November 2007, Song update:

Tony Award Winner, Victoria Clark, my friend and a beautiful singer beyond comprehension, has just released her new CD entitled, "15 Seconds of Grace". Those of you who're familiar with my work might remember that that's a song I wrote. I'm so deeply grateful and thrilled that Victoria has recorded, "15 Seconds..." as well as another one of my songs called, "Thomas", on her incredible new CD. The newer and older songs she and her extremely talented musical director, Ted Sperling, have brought to my attention through this album, such as national treasures like Irving Berlin's, "I Got Lost in His Arms", are giving me a season of emotions I never knew existed. Victoria's voice is so stunning .... I hope you will be part of her experience as well! Sold at Barnes and Noble and other outlets on PS Classics.

Last year I was so honored that Audra McDonald recorded one of my songs, "Wonderful You". Audra's an incredibly moving singer and actor who has won 4 Tony Awards. My husband and I found Audra the other night on TV in her new role on the show, "Private Practice". Hey, Audra!!! Congratulations and thank you again for recording and singing my song around the world and back. "Wonderful You" can be found on Audra's marvelous CD entitled, "Build a Bridge", on Nonesuch Records.

I'm aiming to have a new record out this year of fresh songs. Records sold here on "music" page and at CD Baby.

More gigs coming soon.... We'll keep you posted via "Gigs" page.

Happy Holidays and thanks for visiting my website,


- - - for an update on my involvement with: Songs for Darfur (see below)

Motivated by Vernon Reid's drumming circle for Darfur in 2004 at Congregation B'Nai Jeshurun in NYC, my husband, Dave Richards and I wanted to do something as well. It is believed by experts that over 400,000 people have died since the outbreak of the war in 2003 and the 2 and a half million people who are now trying to survive in this horrible situation are dying at an even higher rate.

In 2005, River, a gospel band I was with, joined us in our efforts and gave a concert called, Songs For Darfur. As I took posters around to publicize the event, I became aware that few people knew about this tragedy in our world at that time. Just before the concert, Oprah did a feature story on Darfur and many more people came to our event than might have otherwise.

At the 1st Songs for Darfur concert/presentation, we raised $6,300... an amount we didn't approach talking about when Timothy Hill, Pete MacDonald, Dave Richards and myself of our band, River, first starting talking about doing a benefit. The event was held at the Presbyterian Church at Tenafly. Huge thanks to those who contributed their money, time, talents and to Dwight Englewood for collecting 4,000 t-shirts for the refugees and to Gretchen in Brooklyn who arranged the delivery. Many thanks to our Guest Speakers for the evening; Sharon Silber, co-founder of Jews Against Genocide and Darfur activist and Ismail Adam, Darfuri activist and Speaker.

One of my first goals was to do 4 benefit concert/presentations in 4 different areas of the country in a year, blending original music and education to raise awareness and support for the refugees. So far, 3 Songs for Darfur events have come together, though it's taken more than a year. As the situation in Darfur has worsened, I've learned more from my friends, Eileen Weiss and Sharon Silber, who've facilitated, been guest speakers, and found both American and Darfuri speakers for each of the 3 events, that the New York City Coalition for Darfur 212-714-4535 provides current to-do lists online. Through the Coalition for Darfur, Eileen and Sharon have provided scores of helpful information through their email list on this issue to many who're concerned and want to help. For more info, email: interfaitharts@gmail.com.

November 19th, 2006 was our 2nd Songs for Darfur concert/presentation. It was held at St. Paul St Andrew United Methodist Church and Congregation B'Nai Jeshurun, NYC which share the same building. In a continued effort to bring music together with speakers knowledgeable in Darfur politics, with a surrounding community for an evening, proceeds of over $10,000. were raised and contributed equally to United Methodist Coalition on Relief and Jewish World Services, both active on the ground in Darfur. Performers included inspirers of The October Project, Emil Adler and Julie Flanders; Blues artist, Tomas Donker; singersongwriter, Neshama Carlebach and band; myself and others.

March 26th, 2007 was our 3rd Songs for Darfur concert/presentation. It took place in the same space as mentioned above. Along with the support of my talented friend and director, Victoria Clark, we were able to include these performers listed below in the concert part of the evening and several of them sang original songs I'd written for the event. With the help of their time, talent and fame, and with more support from both congregations listed above (who also planned, educated and facilated the event) we were able to raise $20,000. to improve access to water and sanitation and increase food security for displaced people living in camps in Darfur and the surrounding communities of Adilla and Al Daein. Proceeds were also sent to The Darfur People's Association of New York, to help raise funds for school supplies to be sent to refugee camps in Darfur and Chad. Many thanks to Rev. Paul Dirdak, Former Head of UMCOR, and Motasim Adam, President of the Darfur People's Association of New York (DPANY), for leading the discussion on the crisis in Darfur and their organizations' efforts to provide humanitarian aid for the people of Darfur that evening. For more information, click here: Songs for Darfur

Everett Bradley

Victoria Clark

Malcolm Gets

Cheyenne Jackson

Marvis Martin

Maureen McGovern

Kelli O'Hara

Elizabeth Stanley

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