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The Patchwork of Lost and Found (1999)

Patchwork is inhabited with people looking for something beyond the river's bend. From my loving friends who may or may never have a "romantic" partner, to a young highschool couple overlooking the Hudson River one early Spring afternoon__everyone here is still curious about a rising mist over well known fields. Students are yearning to learn from a meadow of nameless flowers, gentle and honest sorts are trying to stay with their gardening and 2 ancient friends make their way to sit down over a cup tea when they are finally old. All are caught up in their own wonderful search that captured my attention and brought me along.

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Tapping the Wheel (Parachute/ Mercury Records, 1995)

Some of these songs enter into the living room, pizza parlor, old car rides and long walks I've had with people who have put salt in my tears and music in my laughter. All of them have questions about life and love that began with the desire to memorize a beautiful moment.

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Unexpected Weather (Crepuscule, 1989)

As the curtain fell at the end of the highschool plays, the cast members celebrated with such loud cheers that, from the audience, it gave me more chill bumps than the play itself. Years later, I was mulling something over while walking in a park. I heard a twig snap under my shoe in the dead of winter and those voices erupted again as a beautiful explosion of reality and change. The realness of home often joins me in unexpected places and as my favorite character.

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Particular People (Crepuscule, 1988)

This was my first record -- made on a whim and a shoe string budget in Brussels, Belgium. It was also my first day in Europe when I met up with the Flemish and French speaking Belgian band. We pretty much smiled hello and pressed record on these songs from my late teens to early 20's.

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